Blog entry posted by Issacus Divus, Mar 8, 2019.

I've been on this site for some weeks. The praetors are pretty ruthless. At the same time though, Tibi gracias ago.

"Tibi gracias ago." Tibi gratias ago.
  1. Issacus Divus
    Maybe this should be designated for one purpose instead of being a general blog.
  2. Issacus Divus
    I post again and again heres.
  3. Issacus Divus
    May have to halfleave for life.
  4. Issacus Divus
  5. Issacus Divus
    "Italajn" was the best I could find. And they don't even work here...
  6. Issacus Divus
    Ĉiam tajpu Italajn kiam temas pri Esperanto.
  7. Issacus Divus
    At 19:44:05, I witnessed a agreement between Nietzsche and Christ.
  8. Issacus Divus
    Lol, "Nominare vetat appellant stultitiae peccatum videtur."
  9. Issacus Divus
    I'm an Active Member. It's about time.
  10. Issacus Divus
    I only wish for a response for about two other requests or so. I really want to stay on this site forever, but I know that it is Spring Break, and I've been getting help from the Praetors, which I appreciate.

    OK. Bye for now, Loxodontus. Gotta go. Looking forward to coming back here some hours from now.


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