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Blog entry posted by Lotusbridge, Aug 26, 2016.

Been unable to get online for nearly a year and have just been able to return to learning Latin. Currently seems such a huge mountain to climb and I am now surmising that new languages do not come easily to me. Ah well, back to Hillard & Botting's elementary stuff.

About the Author

Learning Latin, collecting, by accident, old Latin schoolbooks. Taking it slow. Posting a daily hand-made Latin sentence for practice. It may be wrong but I'm trying :) ēāūōī
  1. john abshire
    I too am trying to learn. pugnam est.
  2. Alphege
    I'm learning Latin by a simple book. Then I come here and learn some more words. Prope silvam habito et me feminae amant. Here is a Latin sentence.


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