dē nātiōnibus: pars prīma

Blog entry posted by Siegfried Zaytsev, Dec 22, 2017.

(diē Saturnī, ante diem decimum kalendās iānuāriās annō bis mīllēsimō septimō decimō post Christum nātum)
  • Tunesia est nātiō in Āfricā septentriōnālī. Vīciēns ac centiēns centēna mīlia hominum ibī habitant.
  • Aegyptus quoque est nātiō in Āfricā septentriōnālī. Sexiēs ac nōngentiēs centēna mīlia hominum eam incolunt. Caput Aegyptī est Cāirus. Cāirus māior est cēterīs urbibus aegyptiīs.
  • Libya quoque in Āfricā septentriōnālī quoque sita est. Caput Libyae est Tripolis. In Libyā sexāgiēs centēna mīlia hominum sunt.
  • Syria est nātiō in Āsiā occidentālī cuius caput Damascus est. Damascus est urbs antīquissima. In Syriā septuāgiēs ac centiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
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Siegfried Zaytsev

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Practicing writing in Latin. Please point out mistakes if you notice any. Thanks!
  1. Siegfried Zaytsev
    Thank you, Adrian! I just copied the word that Latin Wiktionary (https://la.wiktionary.org/) uses in defining countries. For example, https://la.wiktionary.org/wiki/Syria.
    I had seen the expression "cīvitās suī iūris" in Latin Wikipedia articles, but I just went with the simpler "nātiō".
    The Latin Wikipedia article "nātiō" corresponds to the English Wikipedia article "nation",
    "cīvitās" to "state (polity)", and "cīvitās suī iūris" to "sovereign state".
    They are all synonyms; I just used the least technical term for my beginner's scribblings.
  2. Adrian
    My impression is that instead of noun natio (nation, people) perhaps more appropriate expression in aspect of modern concept of "country/state" would be "civitas/civitates sui iuris" suvereign state(s).
  3. Siegfried Zaytsev
    Thank you, Pācifica! Good to know. Hopefully, I'll avoid such mistakes in the future.
  4. Pacifica
    "Quoque" must be placed after the word it emphasizes, so here it should come after "Libya".


    Libya quoque in Africa septentrionali sita est = "LIBYA TOO is located in North Africa" (Tunisia and Egypt are located in north Africa, and Libya is too.)

    Libya in Africa septentrionali quoque sita est = "Libya is located IN NORTH AFRICA TOO" (Libya is located elsewhere, and in North Africa too.)


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