dē nātiōnibus: pars septima

Blog entry posted by Siegfried Zaytsev, Dec 31, 2017.

(diē Lūnae, kalendīs iānuāriīs annō bis mīllēsimō duodēvīcēsimō post Christum nātum)
  • Honduria est rēs pūblica in Americā Centrālī. In Honduriā nōnāgiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Guatemāla est cīvitās suī iūris in Americā Centrālī sita. In Guatemālā paene septuāgiēns ac centiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Dānia est rēgnum in Eurōpā septentriōnālī cuius caput est Hafnia. In Rēgnō Dānōrum paene sexāgiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Suēcia quoque est rēgnum in Eurōpā septentriōnālī. Caput Suēciae est Holmia. In Sūeciā centiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Cechia vel Czechia est rēs pūblica in Eurōpā mediā sita. Centiēns centēna mīlia hominum eam incolunt.
  • Canada est nātiō magna in Americā Septentriōnālī. In Canadā quīnquāgiēns ac trecentiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Turcia est nātiō magna in Eurōpā. Caput Turciae est Ancȳra. In Turciā octingentiēs centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Chilia est rēs pūblica in Americā Austrālī. In Chiliā septuāgiēns ac centiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Rēs pūblica Corēāna est nātiō in Āsiā orientālī cuius caput est Seulum. In Rē pūblicā Corēānā deciēns ac quīngentiēs centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
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  1. Siegfried Zaytsev
    Good point. I guess it is borderline. As the border between Europe and Asia is an artificial construct that exists only in the heads of people and not as some natural geographical feature, there might be some disagreements between scholars as to where Europe ends and Asia begins. I went by the map of Europe in my textbook, and it had Turkey as part of Europe. However, Turkey was also included in the map of the Middle East, which is considered a part of Asia, so I guess you can go either way.
  2. Pacifica
    "Turcia est nātiō magna in Eurōpā."

    I thought the biggest part of Turkey was in Asia, with only a bit in Europe.


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