dē nātiōnibus: pars sexta

Blog entry posted by Siegfried Zaytsev, Dec 30, 2017.

(diē Saturnī, ante diem tertium kalendās iānuāriās annō bis mīllēsimō septimō decimō post Christum nātum)
  • Bulgaria est nātiō in Eurōpā orientālī cuius caput est Serdica. In Bulgariā septuāgiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Francia est rēs pūblica in Eurōpā occidentālī sita. Caput Franciae est Lutetia. In Franciā septuāgiēns ac sēscentiēns centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Germānia quoque in Eurōpā occidentālī sita est. Caput Germāniae est Berolinum. In Germānia vīciēns acatque octingentiēs centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Iaponia est nātiō in Asiā orientālī sita. In Iaponiā centum vīgintī sex miliōnēs hominum habitant.
  • Russia est nātiō slavica magna. In Russiā centum quadrāgintā septem miliōnēs hominum habitant.
  • Mexicum est cīvitās in parte austrālī Americae Septentriōnālis sita. In Mexicō centum vīgintī quattuor miliōnēs hominum habitant.
  • Irānia est cīvitās in Asiā occidentālī sita. In Irāniā deciēns acatque octingentiēs centēna mīlia hominum habitant.
  • Brasilia est maxima Americae Austrālis cīvitās. In Brasiliā ducentae et octō miliōnēs hominum habitant.
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  1. Pacifica
    Hmm, yes, Google Books yields results in both genders, though the masculine seems slightly more frequent. Sorry, the word just looks so masculine (as all words in -io that I can think of that aren't verbal nouns, are masculine).
  2. Siegfried Zaytsev
    Thank you, Pācifica! Regarding "miliō", I relied on Latin Wiktionary for information on its gender: https://la.wiktionary.org/wiki/milio.
    And Latin Wikipedia seems to be undecided on this point: https://la.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decies_centena_milia.
  3. Pacifica
    "vīciēns ac octingentiēs"
    "deciēns ac octingentiēs"

    In good Latin, the form "ac" is never used before vowels, so you should use "atque" there.

    "ducentae et octō miliōnēs": that should be "ducenti", in agreement with "miliones", which is masculine.


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