III Numerorum AUT Tertius? X

Blog entry posted by Lotusbridge, Jul 19, 2015.

Unum fraterum et unam sorōrem habeō.

Unum fratrem et ūnam sorōrem habeō. [courtesy of Pacis Puella again :) ]

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Learning Latin, collecting, by accident, old Latin schoolbooks. Taking it slow. Posting a daily hand-made Latin sentence for practice. It may be wrong but I'm trying :) ēāūōī
  1. Lotusbridge
    So much for me trying to keep things simple for myself :)
  2. Lotusbridge
    Tertia Sententia or Tertia Epistula Commūnis [where Epistula commūnis = Blog entry, perhaps]
  3. Pacifica
    You'd use some form of "tertius", yes, but in what gender, I'm not sure (since there isn't really any Latin word for "blog entry", lol). Maybe in the feminine, if you consider that this is the "third sentence"; "tertia (sententia)".
  4. Lotusbridge
    How would one say number 3 (as in number 3... [blog entry]) III Numeri or could I say Tertius on it's own?
  5. Pacifica
    "Frater, fratris" is third declension; the acc. is "fratrem".

    You title doesn't really make sense to me.


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