33.1-2 Is this a predicative dative?

By Phoebus Apollo, in 'Satyricon', Aug 7, 2017.

  1. ut deinde pinna argentea dentes perfodit, 'amici,' inquit 'nondum mihi suave erat in triclinium venire, sed ne diutius absentivus morae vobis essem, omnem voluptatem mihi negavit
    Petronius' Satyricon chapter 33.1-2

    Is the bit in bold a predicative dative (specifically the 'morae vobis essem')? - literally: so that I, being absent, did not cause delay for you any longer ie so that my absence did not delay you any longer.
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    But I think I would take diutius to modify absentivus (like "absent for too long").
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  3. thanks very much

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