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By Anbrutal Russicus, in 'Latin Language Resources', Jul 25, 2018.

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    Salvēte plūrimum sodālēs Latīnistae!

    I'd like to share with you a resource I've found instrumental in improving my command of Latin in just over half a year of increasingly regular communication in the language - discord.gg/Latin. What is Discord, you ask? It's a modern multi-platform communication program that combines the functionality of olden-day clunky text messengers and chat-rooms like IRC with that of voice-call software such as Skype or teamspeak while offering direct and seamless integration of all kinds of media, be it images, audio, YouTube, Spotify - and even an ability to integrate with games in a fashion similar to steam. All these possibilities allow like-minded people to organise into communities, chat by text or voice, share small files or links to larger ones or simply discuss cat videos.

    Having a Latin Discord server means you can finally do all of this in Latin. We have a Latin-only channel for the more experienced members that sees daily activity, a help channel for all sorts of on-topic discussions and help requests in English, and a dedicated channel offering an immense wealth of links to dictionaries, texts, grammars, readers, presentations, Latin audio and video resources as well as to other communities and websites having to do with the Latin language and the Roman culture. I personally haven't come across an even remotely similar collection of Latin learning resources anywhere else, so you might want to check that even if the rest doesn't interest you - and perhaps share some resources yourself. All the messages are permanent, can be edited or deleted and include Markdown formatting; there's a friend/private messaging system as well.

    What I personally would like to see more of is people who can jump into our Latin voice chat from time to time - or even at set times - to read, discuss and clarify Latin texts together. We read all sorts of things ranging from plays to poetry to Seneca's letters to modern Latin periodicals to vicipaedia articles about cats :D With enough people it's entirely possible to even create dedicated study groups.

    I think an app like Discord can serve as an excellent supplement for a more formal and permanent platform such as this forum, providing a venue for more impromptu communication or for directing others to freshly-created or interesting threads on the forum.

    The program is available on many devices as well as directly in your browser, although downloading the app is highly recommended for constant access and better performance without having to check your browser tab. The notification system can be set up to only display new activity for the channels you're interested in.
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  2. Ser Nūmen lūnāre

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    There already exists a group on Skype that a couple of our members frequent, and that I've heard has plenty of activity already going on: Locutorium Latinum. In what ways is this Discord group different, besides the choice of app? Skype also allows text communication (plenty of the activity on the Locutorium Latinum happens through text) and talking to people privately.

    Note: I am unfamiliar with both Skype and Discord, and am unlikely to join either group anyway.
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  3. Anbrutal Russicus New Member

    The Skype chat indeed seems decently active, but it only has one channel - so no question about sharing resources or giving and receiving help in English - and most importantly, it has no voice functionality (yes, it's Skype but has no voice - how about that?). Moreover, the conversation can be a bit bizarre at times (right now there's several days of mainly "salvēte", most other times the topic of the day seems to be nationalism and anti-immigration), and for quite a while it was simply impossible to join without being added directly. Skype is also simply 5 years behind on what a modern chat application should offer its users - all they've managed to do in the last major update (only one in about the same 5 years) is fix the immense lag. Video or audio integration or text formatting? Maybe in another 5 :toothless:

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