1. avi8856455 New Member

    hello i am new here, i've been looking for ages for a trasnlation to a "rare" marian chant, couldnt find an offical one
    if you can help me translate it it will be great, even greater if you manage to find an offical translation of the song, its Sancta Maria from Cantus Mariales https://archive.org/details/SanctaMariaFromCantusMariales
    these lines alone are what i need:
    Sancta Maria Te decus omne caelitus ornat Teque superna gratia replet
    O pia Virgo, Mater et alma, nostra benigne suscipe vota
    Casta columba advenis orbi nuntia vitae pascis in ore pignora portans
    O pia
    Astra tenentis filia Regis magna potensque nam super omnes Tu benedicta
    O pia
    Munere divo sola fuisti nescia culpae tota refulgens lumine sancto
    thanks in advance, also i have spanish translation if that helps
  2. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Here's my translation:

    Holy Mary, You are adorned with every ornament from heaven and You are filled with grace from above.
    O gentle Virgin, Mother and Nourisher, kindly receive our prayers.
    Chaste dove, You come to the world a messenger of life, carrying the token of peace* in Your mouth.
    O gentle one.
    You are a great and mighty daughter of the King who rules the stars, for You are blessed above all others.
    O gentle one.
    By a divine gift, You alone have been ignorant of guilt, shining with a holy light in every part of Yourself.

    *I've assumed that pascis is a typo for pacis, because pacis makes a lot of sense while pascis doesn't seem to make any.
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  3. avi8856455 New Member

    first of all thanks, and second it is not a typo, thats how its writtin in the book, in the lyrics outside, and in many songs thats exactly how i hear it
  4. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    The mistake could have originated in a certain book (or even a manuscript if the song is old enough) and spread.

    Pacis, "of peace", makes a lot of sense: the dove carrying the token of peace in her mouth is a reference to the traditional image of the dove coming back to Noah with an olive branch after the Flood.

    Pascis, "you feed", on the other hand, would make for rather strained interpretation.
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  5. Pacifica grammaticissima

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  6. avi8856455 New Member

    i see, thank you very much
  7. avi8856455 New Member

    just thought you might want to see the translation! also if you can help me find the last words in the video it will be great

    Ave Virgo specie! Ave Mater sanctae spei et Regina jure dicta O f emina benedicta prae
    cunctis mulieribus

    Christum pro nobis exora, et nunc et in mortis hora, ut nos solvet a peccatis, et in regno
    claritatis nos coUocet per secula

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