Aeneid - Book VIII

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    Even if the statement were true, would there be any true interest in mentioning it?
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    Yeah, not really lol.

    Here's the rest of that note, btw:

    "The adjective occurs only here in Virgil of horses; it can be applied in particular to animals of notably savage and wild temperament (OLD s.v. 9b). Acer can describe that which is especially vigorous (cf. 342 below, of Romulus)."

    But it would have made more sense to cite the two examples from 1 and 4. I still don't understand how they missed them.

    Edit: and maybe even acer equo (668) from book 5.
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    Gonna expound a little on this line from what the Brill had.

    sole repercussum aut radiantis imagine lunae (23)

    If the sun and moon can be used for Apollo and Diana, they can also represent Aeneas and Dido.

    qualis ubi hibernam Lyciam Xanthique fluenta
    deserit ac Delum maternam invisit Apollo
    instauratque choros, mixtique altaria circum
    Cretesque Dryopesque fremunt pictique Agathyrsi;
    ipse iugis Cynthi graditur mollique fluentem
    fronde premit crinem fingens atque implicat auro,
    tela sonant umeris: (4.143-9)

    Qualis in Eurotae ripis aut per iuga Cynthi
    exercet Diana choros, quam mille secutae
    hinc atque hinc glomerantur oreades; (1.498-500)

    Also cf. the moon simile in book 6.

    inter quas Phoenissa recens a vulnere Dido
    errabat silva in magna; quam Troius heros
    ut primum iuxta stetit agnovitque per umbras
    obscuram, qualem primo qui surgere mense
    aut videt aut vidisse putat per nubila lunam (450-4)

    So in addition to the situation with Turnus and Latinus, and the inevitable war, I like to think that Dido still stirs his thoughts even now.
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    > the Brill cites Milton

    Hello darkness, my old friend
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    "Varro (DRR 2.4.18) notes that the corpse of the mother pig was still being
    displayed in his own day by priests, kept salted and preserved."

    I like country ham as much as the next guy, but come on now.
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    They quote someone who writes:

    “Ascanius (8 letters), Iulus (5), and Ilus (4)—a total of 17 letters which are distributed exactly in the same way as the 3 main intervals of Pythagorean and Greek music theory: 8, 5, and 4.”

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    in orbe lacteo
    seems like a huge stretch to me
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    A small mistake.

    "superes: The theme of Aeneas as victor (50; 61) continues; the imperfect subjunctive here leads to the imperative supera at 61, as Tiberinus gives instructions for how Aeneas is to achieve victory on the immortal plane."
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