Aeneid - Book VIII

By AoM, in 'Aeneid', Sep 1, 2018.

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    How is Attila the Hun(n) a second Romulus?
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    "Heu vatum ignarae mentes!" Where is that other thatched hut? That other thatched hut north of the Danube which is to be the palace of that second, that greater Romulus, the swarthy, squat, big-headed, flat-nosed Hunn, who, wielding Mars' own sword thrown down to him from heaven, and having murdered with it the second Remus, sets fire to the vast construction of which his prototype laid the first stone, and exacts from the proprietors quit and crown rent for the peaceable possession of the ruins. Reader, if thou happenest to be a believer in the progressive civilization and amelioration of thy race, compare the two Romuluses, or if thou pleasest the two Attilas, or if you like it better, God's two scourges together, and say what little in those twelve hundred years the world advanced in the arts of peace, in public or private morality, even in that which is apt to strike root and grow and thrive faster than either arts of peace, or public or private morality―religion."


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    Finished the Brill.

    Not sure if it's worth buying the whole physical edition, but $30 for a pdf of the commentary (that's that long)? Definitely worth it.

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