Aeneid - Book XI

By AoM, in 'Aeneid', Sep 2, 2019.

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    Now that's some litotes.

    at non haec nullis hominum sator atque deorum
    observans oculis summo sedet altus Olympo. (725-6)
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    Having finished translating the book, the only things I remembered in detail (since I first read it 6 years ago) was the very beginning with the Mezentius-trophy and the very end with Turnus giving up his ambush. Funny how the memory works.

    And the latter I only remembered because of this construction that my professor kept stressing:

    continuoque ineant pugnas et proelia temptent,
    ni roseus fessos iam gurgite Phoebus Hibero
    tingat equos noctemque die labente reducat. (912-4)
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    Cygnea, Gena
    Because the irrealis is expressed with a present subjunctive?
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    Yup. Williams also cited:

    incumbens umero, spatia et si plura supersint
    transeat elapsus prior ambiguumque relinquat. (5.325-6)

    et ni docta comes tenuis sine corpore vitas
    admoneat volitare cava sub imagine formae,
    inruat et frustra ferro diverberet umbras. (6.292-4)
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    Horsfall keeping that crown of having the best commentary.

    “Had Aen. in some way shared in the vigil (Con.)? Or was he anxious not to be defiled by the presence of a corpse, before he had fulfilled his vow (Ladewig)? Mercifully, the poet is less troubled by such trivia than some of his editors.”
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    in orbe lacteo
    I love Horsfall's comments like that. :D
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    Horsfall says the expression nil moror is an idiom (and colloquialism) belonging to spoken Latin. It's also in book 5 (nec dona moror), right before Entellus enters the ring against Dares.

    "...and I don't give a damn about gifts" definitely gives that moment some oomph.
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    His use of exclamation points can sometimes be a little creepy lol.

    "Cf. Ter.Eun.314 demissis umeris (of languid young women!)"

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