Homework After we won the war against the Titans, Mother Earth became very mad at me because she felt I ...

By Funnygoose16, in 'Latin Beginners', Mar 11, 2019.

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    After we won the war against the Titans, Mother Earth became very mad at me because she felt I treated her sons badly. Mother Earth, Gea, made a cruel monster who wanted to destroy me. The monsters name was “Typhoeus”. He scared us so we went to Egypt. My wife, Athena, called me a coward so I went to see Typhoues and I chased him to Mount Casion, and wounded him. When Typhoues was down, I fought him, but he wrapped me in his hands. He cut off my legs and hands and took me to Corycian Cave and had his sister, Delphyne, guard me. However, my son, Hermes, fit my legs and hands back on for the sake of saving me. With myself having been saved, I came down from heaven on Pegasus. With thunderbolts, I chased typhoues, and when we reached Sicily, I threw amount Aetna at him, pinning him underneath.
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    You're not lousy, but we won't translate your homework for you. :D

    Give the first sentence a try, and we'll see if there are any issues.
  3. Funnygoose16 New Member

    This translation is counting at 25% of my grade and I have absolutely no idea how to write in Latin. I also don’t know how or when to use specific noun endings so please do me the biggest favor and translate this for me. It’s due Thursday and I’m stressing so bad. Please please
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    Two questions:

    - How much English > Latin translation have you guys done?
    - When was the above paragraph assigned?

    If you truly have no idea, then I would advise going to your teacher and asking for some help/guidance.
  5. Funnygoose16 New Member

    We almost never do English to latin translations

    And we had to make a story based off a Greek god, like a story from online, and then translate into Latin. I can’t ask him for help because he yelled at us and said we’re not allowed to ask questions so I’m really desperate. Please help
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    in orbe lacteo
    If you wrote the original story, you could always make the sentences simpler, couldn't you?
  7. Funnygoose16 New Member

    Yes but I still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing

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