Always Towards Better Things

By Scotia, in 'English to Latin Translation', Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Scotia New Member

    The following two quotes are in a similar vein. Again confirmation that they are correct or suitably amended if they are innacurate. Also no translators used, obtained via postings or quotations on other sites.

    Semper ad Meliora - Always towards better things
    Semper Credere - Always Believe

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Adrian Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Semper ad meliora contende/quaere - always strive for better things

    Semper Crede - always believe (I am not sure if this is the best way to express it, I would personally use negative imperative e.g. "never loose hope)

    EDIT: Content of post changed.
  3. Scotia New Member

    Adrian apologies for the confusion I wish the follwing two phrases translated

    Always Towards better Things


    Always Believe

    As the word Always was utilsed in each quote I thought it would be in order to put them both in the same thread. Apologies if it should have been a seperate thread for each.
  4. Adrian Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Ne umquam spem deposueris - never loose hope
  5. Scotia New Member

    Ok Adrian so to sum up what you say here

    Semper ad meliora contende/quaere - "always strive for better things " is the closest translation to " Always towards better things "

    Ne umquam spem deposueris - " never lose hope " is similar in meaning and may be a better translation than above ?


    Semper Credere could be used as " always believe " but you believe that the never lose hope quote fits better ?
    Is that accurate ?
  6. Adrian Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Semper Crede not Semper Credere
    IMO Yes (but this is just my opinion alone). Please wait until senior members give their opinions. (I am not sure if preposition "ad" can be used with verb quaero
    i.e. Semper meliora quaere as strive for better things)
  7. Scotia New Member

    I will await posts by the senior members in respect of what you have translated above in the meantime many thanks for your assistance.
  8. Scotia New Member

    Adrian with regards this discussion what does Semper ad meliora translate to on its own ? This is what I had at the start of the discussion. Was this wholly inaccurate ?
  9. Adrian Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Semper ad meliora - literaly "always toward better"
    semper - always
    ad - preposition (+ acc) - toward/to/in direction of
    meliora - accusative plural of adjective "melius"
    This is not a sentence sensu stricto (more like elliptical sentence). In order to make it sensful, a compound verb is required (hence either conteno/quaero - strive).
    At least this is what I remeber from reading grammar book.
    However, I urge you to wait for opinions of other members. I am sure they will propose something shorter and more accurate.
  10. Scotia New Member

    Thanks again Adrian all duly noted I will await further posting from other members
  11. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

    • Civis Illustris
    yes, semper ad meliora.

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