Amo omnis quod peto justicia

By Anonymous, in 'Latin to English Translation', Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    Can you tell me what this actually means?

    My ex got this as a tattoo, and it would be pretty funny if it's not grammatically correct.

    Amo omnis quod peto justicia.

  2. Interficio Civis Illustris

    Virginia, USA
    hmm. I am glad to tell you it isnt grammatically correct imo.

    It seems to mean I love all because I seek justice.

    Here is my attempt on a correct version:

    Omnia amo quod iustitiam peto.

    (Note: j didnt exist in latin, thus a consonuntal I which sounded like the y in yak represented it.)
  3. QMF Civis Illustris

    Virginia, US
    I do believe the word was iustitia, not iusticia, Interficio.

    As for your translation: it is simply ungrammatical and doesn't function at all. You can't say that that "means" anything.
  4. Interficio Civis Illustris

    Virginia, USA
    oh. well i just saw iusticia as what she had there.
  5. nequam Civis Illustris

    I sure hope your EX wasn't going for;

    'I love all who/which seek justice'

    Because then... :disapprove:

  6. Interficio Civis Illustris

    Virginia, USA
    Hmmm. I see the irony in this now : D

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