An Original Monster Manual

By fromahill, in 'Latin to English Translation', Mar 1, 2019.

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    A piecemeal post that hopefully we can transcribe the Latin and then translate.

    UPDATE: A better quality image has been added.

    Monster Manual 1.jpg

    1. ... Zenocephalos. Hos inpezeteatur.. quam homines confitetur.

    2. In India habet cyclopes. Hi uno contentum oculo in fronte. Solas ferarum carnes sunt;
    2. In India has cyclops. They contain a single eye in the forehead....

    3. In India lemmei. Hos cedunt truncos sine capite... et oculos habere in pectore;

    4. In India lemine. Hi sine capitibus nascuntur. Oculos habent in humeris;
    4. In India: lemine. They are born without heads. They have eyes on the shoulders.

    5. In Oriente quidam sine naribus. Uultum informem habentes;
    5. In the Orient, there are some without noses, having a shapeless face.

    6. In Oriente quidam labio inferiori totam faciem tegunt contra solis ardorem cum dormiunt;
    6. In the Orient, some have a lower lip to cover their entire face from the heat of the sun when they sleep.

    7. In Scithia panatae. Hi aurium magnitudine totum corpus tegunt;

    8a. In Oriente quibusdam ora sunt contiita. et idem Panio foramine calamis;

    8b. In Oriente quidam sine linguis. Solis nutibus et motu loquuntur;

    9. In Ethiopia artapathie. Hi pronos ut pecora ampulant. Quadragesimum annum non excedunt;

    10. In Ethiopia Satyrus uel Faunus. Hi aduncis naribus. Cornua in frontibus. Pedes caprinos habent;

    11. In Lybia antipodes. Hi ueris sint plantas. Octonis dgitis;

    12. In Ethiopia Scinopides. Hi singulis contenti eruxibus. Mirabili celeritate per estate in terra supini iacentes. Magnitudine pedum suorum se obumbrant;

    13. In Scithia ypopodes. Hi equinos habent pedes;
    13. In Scithia: ipopodes. They have horse feet.

    14. In India Macusbii. Hi duodecim pedum staturam habent;
    14. In India: Macusbi. They stand twelve feet tall.

    15. In India pigmei. Hec Gens est statura cubitalis. Hi montana indie tenent;
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    The link doesn't work.
  3. fromahill Member

    Should be working now
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    Here's what I could make out. Maybe someone will decipher the rest, or maybe I'll come back to it later.

    1. ? zenocephalos. Hos ? qui homines ?
    2. In ? cyclopes. Hi uno contenti oculo in fronte media solas ferarii carnes edunt.
    3. ? (lemniei?) hos (dicunt?) sine capite (nasci?) et oculos habere in pectore.
    4. ? (lemnie?) Hi sine cervicibus nascuntur oculos habentes in humeris.
    5. In oriente quidam sine naribus vultum informem habentes.
    6. In oriente quidam labio inferiori totam faciem tegunt ? cum ?
    7. In Scithia panotae in aurium magnitudine totum corpus tegunt.
    8a. In oriente quibusdam ora sunt consuta et ideo parvo foramine calamis potum hauriunt.
    8b. In oriente quidam sine linguis solis nutibus ? loquuntur.
    9. In Ethyopia (artapathie?). Hi ? ut pecora ambulant. Quadragesimum annum non excedunt.
    10. In Ethiopia satyrus vel faunus. Hi aduncis naribus cornua in frontibus, pedes caprinos habent.
    11. In Libia (dittipodes/ditupodes/ditapodes?). Hi ? (maybe "habent" or so) plantas octonis digitis.
    12. In Ethiopia (scinopides?). Hi singulis contenti (cruribus?) mirabili celeritate per estatem infra supini iacentes magnitudine pedum suorum se obumbrant.
    13. In Scithia ypopodes. Hi equinos habent pedes.
    14. In India ?. Hi duodecim pedum staturam habent.
    15. In India pigmei. Hec gens est statura cubitatis. Hi montana Indie tenent.
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    I've added a few things above.

    fromahill, I've added something again: parvo before foramine. And consuta.
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    I couldn't find anywhere with the text in a more legible version, but did come across this, in which at least the names of the creatures are given.
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    We can really zoom in with that image quality. Slainte.

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