aram akdam aksadam malatu yasalem barnabal orabetis verbum higozum hom

By Tyrone Tuliao, in 'Other Languages', Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Tyrone Tuliao New Member

    Does anybody know this Latin Prayer?
    My grandfather handed it down to my uncle.

    Serious answers only please.

    Thank you very much and a happy 2013! :)
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  2. Dido Active Member

    Are you sure it's Latin? It doesn't really look like it...
  3. The only word that is to be Latin in that prayer is"verbum" yet 'orabetis' looks like it could be a garbled form of 'oro' perhaps? As for the rest, like Dido said, it doesn't look like Latin. Perhaps Turkish or something similar?
  4. Bestiola Speculatrix

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    Well you posted this on several places and it has been told to you already that this is not Latin.
  5. Dido Active Member

    Google Translate (please don't hit me!) detects it as Turkish, but doesn't give a translation. It's surely not Latin, but I wonder which language it is then.
  6. Schatzl Active Member

    You will get nothing but serious answers here, amice (friend). ;) Anyway, my best guess is that maybe it's a mixture of quite a few languages? The "z" in higozum is only used in Greek words. That's all I could come up with.
  7. Bestiola Speculatrix

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    Aram, Akdam, Aksadam are three archangels who guided Jesus Christ.

    Was it found on the anting anting, or the triangle medalyon, the solo mata?
  8. Schatzl Active Member

    I searched the first three words and got a section from the Vulgate. Something about Noah's sons. And a genealogy "and Hezron begat Ram..." And so on all the way to Abraham, so it's definitely religious somehow.

    Sorry! Can't find the edit button! But I jut did a search on aram, and some stuff about Shem came up. So maybe the other words, akdam and aksadam are the other two sons, but Ham/Canaan was the "bad" son? It's sad, we had a test on this on 12/21 in school and I can't remember this without looking back at notes...and google.
  9. My searches are telling me it is some kind of Filipino prayer for protection.

    Footnote 26, btw.

    When I typed Aram, Akdam, Aksadam into Google it automatically changed the k's to c's, not that it matters really...
  10. Bestiola Speculatrix

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    Yes indeed - Aram, Akdam, Aksadam in Filipino means the three archangels who guided Jesus Christ, and can be found on an amulet or anting anting.
  11. Abbatiſſæ Scriptor Senex

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    Another Italic language, Oscan or Umbrian perhaps? 'Higozum' looks like an unroticised genitive plural of an 'o' stem noun.
  12. George Arnold Member

    Could it be Amharic or Coptic???

    In the Esoteric Knowledge, there are multiple names of the Three Persons, like: ARAM – name of the Father, AKDAM – son and AKSADAM – Holy Spirit; ADRA – Father, MADRA – Son and ADRADAM – Holy Spirit.

    malatu ??
    yasalem, yäsälem = to bring peace (Amharic, Semitic)
    barna? bal ( bal => ba'al ??; Lord, God)

    ora-bet-is ; bet = house, home??? (hebrew, arabic)

    verbum higozum hom ???
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  13. Aurifex Aedilis

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    I'd say it's most likely to be hocus-pocus.
  14. kenneth New Member

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    I was appointed by my grandfather's brother, who passed away last January 8, 2009. To be the keeper and guardian of those artifacts, if you want to really know more about it, and to prevent damage it may cause to you, please contact me I really want to help you and make you understand...Everything about it...Please contact me asap.
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  15. Anyway it doesn't seem to belong to any Christian church. I think it belongs to a kind of esoteric/New Age/witchcraft group and its conception of the Trinity.
  16. jhunpaguio New Member

    It is a latin Prayer from Philippines....

    Would like to understand what you know about this?
  17. Aurifex Aedilis

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    Simply understanding what it means would be nice.
  18. Home Boy New Member

    The triangle medalyon. what if it was found on that one, the Solo Mata?
  19. Jerade Mondejar New Member

    Og bisaya ka bai. Mao nay gitawag nga pulong or bat2, pag ampo na bai, di mn jd na sya higozum, kungdi "eguzom" , ang akdam usually i replace na sya og name sa imu i-samba .

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