Asia est ista non magna...

By COPLAND 3, in 'Latin to English Translation', Jul 18, 2012.

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    I am having trouble translating this to make sense, can someone take a shot at it for me?

    Asia est ista non magna illa scilicet quae dicitur tertia pars mundi, sed quaedam prouincia ubi erant septem ciuitates, & septem ecclesie.
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    That Asia is not that large one, ie the one which is said to be a third part of the world, but a province where there were seven cities and seven churches.

    He will be talking about the Roman province of Asia.
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    Thank you Cinfactus, you've been helpful!
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    Just a small detail: "third part of the world" = one-third of the world. Both the presence and ending of ecclesie suggest a mediaeval provenance. At that time, of course, they only knew of three continents.

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