Attempting to decipher/transcribe/translate Latin lyrics (but it might be impossible)

By Ciel Diesel, in 'Latin to English Translation', Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Ciel Diesel New Member

    Hello all! Thanks for checking out this weird post (ha!)

    I’ll start this post off with a bit of the ol’ full disclosure: I have not learned Latin, I don’t know even a little bit of Latin. I will do my best to avoid annoying you with my lack of knowledge, but I apologize in advance if I do…!

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me by listening to some small audio clips. I’m trying to decipher (and potentially translate, if it’s intelligible at all, lol) a bit of lyrics—it’s from a song my friends and I are translating, but this little interlude has us stumped. None of us are proficient in Latin; the best we could really do was go “huh, sounds like Latin!” lol!
    I would greatly appreciate it if you'd give them a listen and see if it's...anything at all.

    Some information about the song and our efforts so far:
    • The title is “Gloria in excelsis Dea”, so we first started by checking the text of, well, Gloria In Excelsis Deo, to look for any quotes or references. We couldn’t really nail it down firmly.
      (We definitely think it’s trying to invoke some religious ideas given, well, the entire tone of the piece—but we don’t have enough concrete knowledge to know if there’s any specific references we're missing…)
    • Piggybacking off that, we did seem to hear “miserere nobis” a little under halfway through the first clip—which was very exciting, but beyond that…we’re kind of at a loss. (The last words of the second clip may be "excelsis dea"?)
    • No official transcription or lyric sheet exists for these parts.
    • The performer of the song is a native Japanese speaker; it’s likely they have an accent and the lyricist may not be fluent in Latin. I am unsure of whether to preemptively post this under “Incorrect/Pseudo Latin Phrases” or not, because I—with my lack of training—genuinely can’t tell if it’s correct or not; if the mods believe it should be moved, go ahead.
    • The overall song surrounding these clips is about a powerful “god-tier” witch who goes by “Augustus Aurora”; her name is maybe the only clear part of the lyrics (second clip). It might also refer to her as simply “Aurora” in the first clip? Unsure. Anyway the whole song is basically about how awesome she is, as a witch and an author and a god-like being who returned from the dead, so that’s the tone we’re going for, lol.

    It’s quite likely that these clips are completely indecipherable, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try asking around!

    If you decide to give these clips a listen: thank you in advance! Please let me know if the words are legible to you at all. They may not be—but I would rather know that, than to know nothing and toil on forever in an unsolvable maze, lol!

    Here is the link to the clips:

    Thanks again for reading my post!
  2. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    It's kinda funny. Just the other week, a guy I work with was telling me about Umineko.

    So, it's not unintelligible, but because of the distortion it would take more time to crack than I'm willing to spend. The first word is almost certainly some form of the word silentium (and I'll wager even a non-Latinist has a solid guess what that means :D ), and the next sounds like dea. At roughly 0:09 I think that's Aurora miserere nobis (as you mentioned). You can definitely hear the influence of Japanese 'u' (phonetically /ɯ/), which as it happens is not altogether too far from the supposed value of the Roman 'u' vowel (unaccented, that is: phonetically /ʊ/). Chances are, the lyricist is relatively competent in Latin. In fact, I'd put this somewhere around the Smash-Bros.-Brawl-theme level of competence, if you catch my drift.

    Good luck!
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  3. Ciel Diesel New Member

    Hah! What a lovely coincidence :D

    I am inspired by your assessment that it's not total gibberish! There might be hope yet for me cracking this puzzle..!
    I'm noting down everything you've said. Thank you very much for giving it a look!

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