Bi sanor veniti beati veneta obvena vitas venaris, etc...

By MarcusJavuc, in 'Latin to English Translation', Jul 12, 2018.

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    (to start I'm not a native english speaker, so, if I write something wrong or incomprehensible, I apologize in advance)

    So, since some time, I've been interested in the search of potential lyrics in the Soundtrack of Dark Souls III game, most of them are irrelevant, but for some, we can properly hear words and sentence, and everything else... Here I want to figure out, what the lyrics wich were found in "Lothric Younger Prince and Lorian Elder Prince", track, can tell us about the story of the boss.

    I'm not a Latin speaker, and my knowledge about is near from zero, so, what follows can be completely gibberish or false (also I'm not the one who found this "lyrics", but I can distinctly hear them)

    Here are the Lyrics :

    Bi sanor veniti (oh) beati venata obvena vitas venaris
    Bi sanor veniti ovem obveniam (ah) beatifica edo vivi
    Sano veniti addebamini
    Bi sanor veniti obvertatis

    Here's the song :

    (lyrics can be heard at 3:00 and beyond)

    Here are some info about the boss and the context itself :

    Lothric is a future Lord of Cinder, descendant of the famous bloodline of Lothric. A Lord of Cinder in the story of DS3, is a powerfull being who is bound to link, feed, the First Flame with his powerfull soul.
    But Lothric, despite his name and royal blood, is frail and sick, and long ago he refused to do what he was intended to do, influenced by his master, the Great Scholar, and his half-sister Gertrude the Heavenly Daughter.
    So, with is brother Lorian, he stay in the royal castle, waiting to the First Flame to fade, and, after a long time, a curse tied there very souls, muted Lorian and take his legs, and they became the Twin Princes.

    But, us, the player, have to bring back the Prince Lothric, to force him to link the fire and respect his Oath.

    I'll be very thankfull if someone can help me :)
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  2. Dantius Homo Sapiens

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    in orbe lacteo
    Seems like nonsense to me.
  3. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    Can you hear the lyrics? I always have trouble making out this sort of chanting.
  4. MarcusJavuc New Member

    The lyrics can be heard very clearly, but this may be completely gibberish if Dantius is right

    And, if this is really non sensical, it can be possible to correct these sentances somehow ?
  5. Issacus Divus Well-Known Member

    Dark Souls doesn't and hasn't ever used real lyrics. The only game that does is Bloodborne. Man, this takes me back to when I was asking about this stuff.

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