Blood, sweat, tears

By Anonymous, in 'Latin Phrases', Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    Hi there, I am new to the forums and will soon be getting some body art with latin phrases.

    I am looking for a translation for a few things. The first one is:

    Blood, Sweat, Tears

    I've done some research on this one (through online translators) and the proper translation seems to be:

    Sanguis, Sudo, Lacrima (Tears also seem to be referred to as Fletus?)

    I was wondering if any of that is the correct translation.

    The other one I am interested in getting is a phrase:

    "To see the future is a blessing but to not see the past is a curse."

    I have done no research on this one and would greatly appreciate some help! Thank you very much,
    Glenn Sonnabend
  2. QMF Civis Illustris

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    Virginia, US
    Sudo should be sudor; sudo means "I sweat." Lacrima should be lacrimae; lacrima means "tear." Fletus is more like "weeping" which isn't fitting here.

    The second one will take some tinkering to not be clunky and long...gah, Latin parallel structure is so much trickier than that of English...
  3. Anonymous Guest

    Thanks a lot! So it should read:

    Sanguis, Sudor, Lacrimae

  4. cepasaccus Civis Illustris

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    Yes, sanguis, sudor, lacrimae.

    QMF, how about a structure of

    the seen future is a blessing, but the unseen past a curse"?

    reliquum aspectum beatificium [est], at ... inaspectum infelicitas/pestis [est]


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