Should the UK vote to leave the EU?

I have a vote and I'm voting to remain 5 vote(s) 20.8%
I have a vote and I'm voting to leave 2 vote(s) 8.3%
I have a vote and I'm undecided 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I have no vote, but would vote to remain 7 vote(s) 29.2%
I have no vote, but would vote to leave 6 vote(s) 25.0%
I have no vote, and don't know what I'd do 3 vote(s) 12.5%
I never participate in polls like this 1 vote(s) 4.2%
  1. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

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  2. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    The UK, or at least the gammon, have pretty much cornered the market in bringing World War II imagery into the Great Struggle against the European Goliath. It's painfully embarrassing to watch.
  3. Godmy A Monkey

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    Mmmm... interesting! We don't see that here. (I mean from the UK.)
  4. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    This MP was our latest champion, ranting about the Teutonic arrogance of the EU, saying his father fought in World War II and wouldn't be bullied by Germans, and neither would he.

    Compared to that, Tusk was moderate, referring only to those politicians who got the useful idiots to play, not the idiots themselves. He should have been praised for his restraint, because most of them really are thick as pigshit. And the rest might as well be.

  5. Hawkwood .

    • Civis
    God, you don't half talk some giraffe poo. That's the second or third post of yours defending Tusk. No one is calling for Tusk's head, some just thought it a bit bizarre considering his position on the council.

    I'm quite sure the anti-EU brigade are just as bad at insults if it makes you feel better.
  6. Hawkwood .

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    It's like trying to have a discussion with an aggrresive EU-bot programmed to hurl insults and generalizations at brexiteers. Quite funny in a way.
  7. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    So what were these wonderful plans that the populists brexiters had? On a day when it's been announced that the company with no fleet and no harbour now has no contract, this may not be the best time to ask. Though it never was, or will be.
  8. Hawkwood .

    • Civis
    I think brexiteers should build a warfleet using 'remainer' slave labour and set sail for france, securing a beachhead at Dunkirk. Once the french capitulate, we march on brussels and slay the great serpent in her nest.
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  9. Pacifica grammaticissima

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  10. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

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    In fairness, that suggestion makes about as much sense as anything our crop of inadequates in government can come up with.

    But while it's forgivable from an internet warrior belming into the void, it's humiliating when it comes from those in power. And these perpetual adolescents seem oblivious to the global laughing stock they're making us into.

  11. Hawkwood .

    • Civis
    Global laughing stock? Now there's an irony. By the way you can pat yourselves on the back for trying to make that one come about.

    The EU have 100% control of britain's trade policy. We don't have a trade policy with india even though we're their third largest investor and vice versa because we're unable to sign a free trade agreement. Why? Italian textile workers and french farmers are against it. We don't have a free trade agreement with australia because it's being held up by mediterranean tomato growers. And on and on it goes.

    We're tied to the world's ONLY shrinking tradeblock and worse, we're paying for this privilege to the tune of twenty billion quid per year. Now there's a global laughing stock.
  12. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    How exactly would that be?
  13. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    What's your favourite Brexit paradox? I've collected a dozen, but there are probably more.

    1. Insisting that we listen to the will of the people, but opposing a second referendum to ascertain the will of the people.

    2. Wanting the UK Parliament to take back control, and threatening to prorogue it if it does.

    3. Disbelieving anything printed in the MSM, unless it's the tabloids demonising the EU or immigrants.

    4. Objecting to immigrants because they're lazy and live off benefits, while at the same time stealing jobs from British workers.

    5. Claiming that the UK has little influence in Europe, but advocating something that will have us giving up the influence we have.

    6. Hating non-European immigrants (as a rule) more than the nearer sort, yet supporting a measure that will mean more of the former.

    7. Claiming to represent the common sense of the salt of the earth in the face of elitist interests, while being manipulated by elitist interests.

    8. Saying that the EU is on its way to becoming a superstate that will control every aspect of our lives, and that it's broke and we should bail out when we can.

    9. Talking of the sunny uplands we'll be off to once we're saving all the money we pay into the EU, but willing to take an economic hit because it's about principles, not money.

    10. Objecting to foreign interference in the UK, and appealing to Poland to block the extension of Article 50.

    11. Threatening riots if Brexit doesn't happen, and being willing for the military to put down riots if it does happen.

    12. And, of course, the kicker: proclaiming that they love this country, and trampling everything beautiful about it, from its traditions of tolerance to the very language.
  14. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    And the great British illusion dream advances apace. We're going to be be a great military power again, sorting those naughty foreigners out.

    “Brexit has brought us to a great moment in our history. A moment when we must strengthen our global presence, enhance our lethality and increase our mass.”

    This is our defence secretary, the sort of wimp even I could probably bully into handing over his chocolate, whacking off to some comic book fantasy. Not sure about mass, but we've definitely increased our density recently.

  15. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

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  16. Hawkwood .

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    The profession, activity, or skill of managing international relations, typically by a country's representatives abroad.

    Junck Files.
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  17. Etaoin Shrdlu Civis Illustris

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  18. Bitmap Civis Illustris

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    Cygnea, Gena
    I tried to follow the Brexit debate in the British parliament yesterday, but I didn't have the impression that anything new came out of it.

    Granted, I love watching British parliament debates for their own sake.
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  19. Hawkwood .

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    Watching the uk parliament is interesting. Have you ever watched the state opening of parliament? It's rather ceremonial but steeped in tradition. The ritual of Black Rod is fascinating to watch. It dates back to Charles I and his attempt to arrest five members of the commons.
  20. Bitmap Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Cygnea, Gena

    Yes, I've watched it once. I spent a year as a foreign language assistant (I think it was in 06/07) in a school near Maidstone, and one of the teachers showed me some video clips of the opening and explained quite a few of the traditions and their historic roots. It helped me understand quite a few jokes from a Terry Pratchett novel I had read previously :) ... but I was also amazed by all the tradition that can be found in Westminster. Obviously, the German parliament, being comparatively young, does not have a lot of tradition and it doesn't have as lively a debate culture.

    I also like how quite a few MPs retain a certain sense of humour even in the face of the serious problems that are being discussed right now ... I'm not really sure if you can find that anywhere else in the world.
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