1. sparkliebunny New Member

    bunny of the wood

    I know bunny (rabbit) in latin is lepus, but after that I am stuck, :? I want it for several reasons, am a member of a historical society and I need a name & I think a latin name would sound better, am re-designing my website and would like to create something for the front page (enter page) & also maybe the phrase as a tattoo.

    thank you in advance

  2. Jason210 New Member

    Seems pretty quiet in these forums so I'll venture a translation. It does seem straightforward enough. Do you want to be a hare or a rabbit? Lepus is hare, but rabbit is "Cuniculus". Forest is "Silva".

    hare of the forest would be: Lepus silvae

    Check before you get the tattoo!!!
  3. sparkliebunny New Member

    so rabbit of the forest would be: Cuniculus Silvae ??

    thanks jason!! :D

    but i prefer the sound of "Lepus" to "Cuniculus" i think :? (would i be a pain to ask how it is spoken?)

    & yes of course i will check before i get tattoo done, if i do decide to get it tattooed that is
  4. Jason210 New Member

    I guess so. I think Lepus Silvae sounds better though :)

    Pronunciation would be LEH-puss SIL-vye, stress on the first syllable, I think.

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