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    Part of an Early Byzantine amphora with a fully preserved inscription in Ancient Greek dedicated to Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary has been discovered during the latest excavations of the Ancient Roman, medieval Byzantine and Bulgarian fortress of Trimammium near the Danube town of Mechka, Ruse District, in Northeast Bulgaria.

    The Trimammum Fortress was built as a Roman fortification and later a road station in the 1st century AD. It was destroyed in barbarian invasions in the early 7th century but was later resettled and used by the First Bulgarian Empire (632/680 – 1018) and the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185 – 1396/1422).

    The newly found amphora found by archaeologists Varbin Varbanov and Deyan Dragoev from the Ruse Regional Museum of History dates back to the 6th century AD, the Ruse Museum has announced.

    It features a fully preserved six-line inscription in Ancient Greek mentioning Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary who is known as the Holy Mother of God in Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

    The amphora itself was most likely made in some of the provinces of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, and may have been used for transporting olive oil for performing rituals in a local church in the Trimammium Fortress.
    The ceramic vessel’s inscription in Ancient Greek has been translated by epigraphist Assist. Prof. Nikolay Sharankovfrom Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski". It reads,

    “Mary gives birth to Christ.
    God’s mercy is a win.
    To St. Mary.
    To the Saviour God.
    An amphora with sweet olive oil."

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    I do enjoy the competitive spirit of the old greeks. It permeates into everything.

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