CER-EMPTAS from Cicero

By Anonymous, in 'Latin to English Translation', Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest


    I need help to translate this:


    I am from Canada, if you help me I will helpyou.
  2. Cato Consularis

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    Chicago, IL
    Cerindio, a bit more context here may be helpful...
  3. Anonymous Guest

    You know Cicero once stood in for the country of Malta when pretore Caius Verres sent his men to plunder the Roman temples on the island!
  4. Iynx Consularis

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    Cerindio I'm with chjones on this one. As it stands, I can't make anything out of it.

    The part after the hyphen, emptas, could be the feminine accusative plural of the perfect participle of emo, and thus mean "(feminine) things purchased" or "(feminine) things acquired". But I know of no verb "ceremo". Caerimonia (="cermony") is a word of obscure, perhaps Etruscan origin, and as far as I know there is not now and never has been a verb "caerimo" either.

    So unless you tell us more, we're not going to be able to help you, I'm afraid. What does this have to do with Cicero?
  5. Cato Consularis

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    Chicago, IL
    Perhaps you're thinking of Sicily, the province plundered by govenor Verres, who in turn was prosecuted for it by Cicero.
  6. Errans New Member

    Probably a shortened form of certe with emptus, -a, -um...

    empty of certainty


    ... aut fortasse non.

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