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Civilization V

By deudeditus, in 'Latin Culture', Oct 3, 2010.

  1. deudeditus Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    I'm a Civilization fan, so I was stoked to see this. It's not much. This only comes up when you enter the diplomacy screen, IF Rome is in the game.

  2. Akela dat affluenter

    • Princeps Senatus
    I've only seen the intro part before, but not the rest of it. I didn't even know the rest existed :oops: I never played Civilization myself.

    What do you think of pronunciation? It thought The tones sounded Italian to me, while the base - classical. Is that just me? :shifty:

    This is more Latin-related than a regular game discussion, so I'll move this to Latin Culture, unles someone disagrees :)
  3. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

    • Technicus Auxiliarius
    The speech of Augustus Caesar is classical. Note that Firaxis had shown their work by hiring voice actors who are fluent in the languages that each of the civilizations' leaders speak. The person providing the voice for Montezuma of the Aztec actually speaks Nahuatl. Even the person who voices Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon is fluent in Babylonian. Thus, the person voicing Augustus Caesar is fluent in Latin. It is funny enough that the person who voiced George Washington of the United States gave him a Bill Clinton-like voice.

    I am quite interested in Civilization V.
  4. Nikolaos schmikolaos

    • Censor
    Wow, I love that. I think I need to buy this just for that.

    Or wait for the next Civilization, which should have different dialogue.

    Utinam habeas cerebrum simile tuae fortitudoni...


    By the way, the pronunciation seems Classical to me, as well, with the exception that the actor lengthens e finale. The hard "c" in "procede" shows that they favored Classical to Ecclesiastic.
  5. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

    • Civis Illustris
    I'm impressed, except for the fact that the pronunciation of habeas should accent the first a, not e. But overall, awesome!
  6. Decimus Canus Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Harold Macmillan, who learned Latin at the beginning of the twentieth century, is said to have remarked to his biographer, "I always thought of the Romans as being rather serious people; now, since the new pronunciation came in, one suddenly realises that they were just a lot of excitable Italians after all!"
  7. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

    • Technicus Auxiliarius
    I am curious. Who were the voice actors responsible for providing the voices of each of the leaders in Civilization V?
  8. Emile New Member


    I did the voice of Augustus Caesar in this game. I'm not a professional actor, I just happen to live in Montreal, where the voice recordings for Civ V were done. I am a Latinist, of course, but I admit I'm rusty, which explains errors on fine details like the position of stress, and vowel length (neither of which was ever really taught to me).

    You may well assume this is a hoax, and I wouldn't blame you, but what can I say, it's really me. :)

    I'd be happy to answer your questions about the voice work I did. Please note, however, that I only recorded the voice, and did not do the translation, so I can't be held accountable for any errors there.


    Æmilius (Émile)
  9. Akela dat affluenter

    • Princeps Senatus
    Seriously? If so, we are glad to have you here :hi:

    May I ask you how did you find this conversation so quickly?
  10. Nikolaos schmikolaos

    • Censor
    Hmmm.... nah, I believe you. The fact that you came here instead of, say, GameFAQs or anything like that is a touch of authenticity.

    Despite what we pointed out (I think the longer Es are a quite small concern, and the accenting of habeas didn't even occur to me... I've been making the same mistake), I am impressed by your voicing. I was especially surprised that you used the Classical pronunciation instead of Ecclesiastic - I bet that, in itself, might garner a small amount of criticism from people who don't know of anything but the Ecclesiastic system, but that's no matter of concern :)

    I like the calm and laid-back edge to the voice - it kind of gives an air of "We both know that I'm better than you in every way, barbarian" :p

    So, did you record any more than what was in the video? I am still strongly considering buying this game just for the Latin.
  11. Emile New Member

    Hi! I googled "civilization v latin". I guess I was egomaniacal enough to seek discussion about my own work. :)

    Classical pronunciation is what I learned for five years in the French Lycée where I got my secondary education. That's where I learned hard Cs and Vs prounced like Ws. Mind you, I didn't pronounce everything as I learned it there. Aside from those sounds, I learned a heavily French-sounding form of Latin; stress always landed on the final syllable, and Rs were pronounced at the back of the mouth (the R of French, German and Modern Hebrew, for example) instead of being rolled at the front. (For an example of this, look up the song "Rosa" by Jacques Brel on YouTube to hear what the first declension sounds like.) So I amended this with rolled Rs and properly-placed (more or less) syllable accentuation.

    This is what the director asked of me. My first instinct was to be bombastic and emperor-like, but I was told the character should sound supremely arrogant, as if I were annoyed that I have to waste my precious time talking to other world leaders.

    Yes, there are a lot more lines! Be warned, however, I've played Civ IV, and I can tell you that Civlization games are a massive timesuck! :)
  12. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

    • Technicus Auxiliarius
    At least this website is better for the discussion of your speech rather than the immature cesspool known as the 2K Games forum, where Civilization V players kept complaining about your voice, as well as your colleagues' voices, being so boring. I know that the leaders' voices are supposed to sound boring, as they are supposed to be annoyed at the player asking them for various actions.

    Let me show everyone in the Latin Forum the voice credits for Civilization V:
    We at the Latin Forum treat you, Émile Khordoc, as a Caesar and not "just a voice actor that happens to understand the Civilization games and speak Latin." :applause:

    What can you say about your fellow voice actors? I noticed that some of the voice actors spoke the wrong language (George Saad made Ramesses II speak Egyptian Arabic rather than ancient Egyptian for example). At least you gave Augustus Caesar a rather authentic voice.
  13. Emile New Member

    Wow, they credited me! :) I also recognize the voice of Catherine the Great, she's a Russian instructor at McGill University.

    I never met any other actors, they brought us in for recording one at a time. (This was back in early 2009.) It's the designers, not the actors, who choose the language (since the game designers provide the translated text, and the actor merely reads it), so the actor shouldn't be blamed for the use of Egyptian Arabic. He merely responded to a casting call for a speaker of Egyptian Arabic. It's curious, since Cleopatra did not speak Arabic in Civ IV. In the absence of Ancient Egyptian speakers, it would have made sense to use Coptic, its descendant, spoken by Coptic Christians, a small minority in Egypt. But of course, they must be hard to find.

    I am honoured and humbled. :hat:
  14. Decimus Canus Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Lusuri te salutamus.
  15. Nooj Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Sydney, Australia
    The ancient Egyptian would be hard to do because no one's really sure of the pronounciation. Their writing system, like Hebrew and Arabic, left out the vowels. That said, an Egyptologist (whose name I can't recall right now) reconstructed the phonology of ancient Egyptian for the movie Stargate - they should have asked him!
  16. voxlarsi New Member

    Te laudamus, Emile! :hat:

    It seems their work on phonology and pronounciation is done more thoroughly than in Civ IV. Many stupid voices there. I like the fact that the leaders are "speaking", rather than just doing silly faces as in the earlier editions. I promised myself not to buy the game before after my exams, but I really look forward to it after that (Does anyone know if there will be an expansion pack any time soon?). Am I the only one missing how the leaders were dressed according to the different eras in Civ III? Seeing Lincoln in a furry hat was awesome...
  17. Emile New Member

    Based on my own experience, the phonology and pronunciation are left up to the voice actor. By the way, I also did the voice of the Romans in Civ IV. I don't know if you were including me among the "stupid voices"... :) My voice sounds quite different there because the recording director (David Lipes, who recorded the dialogue for both games) insistently told me to bark out my lines as wildly as possible, in contrast with the laconic Augustus. Unfortunately, I'm responsible for at least one error there (saying "praesti" instead of the invariable adverb "praesto").

    Incidentally, that recording was done only two weeks before the game was released, in the fall of 2005. They said they had recorded Italian speech for the Roman civilization, only to realize at the last minute that Latin would be more appropriate. :)
  18. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

    • Technicus Auxiliarius
    Émile, why does Firaxis insist that they put in the voices at the last week before release rather than have an open beta to test out the voices?
  19. Emile New Member

    The last-minute recording on Civ IV, as I mentioned, was the result of a last-minute decision to use Latin instead of Italian, and is not standard. The Civ V recording, in fact, was done a whole year and a half before the release.

    I can't really speak for Firaxis's way of doing things, I really only dealt with the Montreal-based recording studio, Wave Generation, to whom the recruiting, auditioning and recording processes were delegated. (Presumably the game designers listened to the audition recordings themselves, at least, to choose the actor they wanted.) The closest I ever came to direct contact with Firaxis was during the Civ V recording when some of their people phoned the studio to listen to my line readings and offer some idea of what the character should be like.
  20. voxlarsi New Member

    Don't worry - your latin was fine :p (I liked the calmer voice better than the barking out-thing, though). But I was less content about for instance the Vikings of Civ IV. I had imagined they would use old Norse; instead it sounded like some sort of a funny dialect of Western Norway :brickwall: If there is an expantion coming, I'm sure the Vikings will be part of it - and hopefully in Norse this time :)
    Even worse than crappy Norwegian for the Vikings, I imagine :shock:

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