Inspirational Communism (Reds) must be destroyed

By EuropeanChineseGuy, in 'English to Latin Translation', May 16, 2018.

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    Hello to all friends in this forum!
    Actually, I have a browse in some grammar books and got a translation by myself, but I'm not sure whether it contains grammatical mistakes or not. Here is my translation below:
    Communismus delendus est

    I need to control the length of this phrase under 20 letters, including space
    so I wanna know can latin adjectives used as nouns, using Red instead of Communism
    So how to translate these following sentences in both singular and plural form?

    The red must be destroyed, (XXXXX delendus est?) (is it a masculine noun?)
    Reds must be destroyed, (xxxxx delendi sunt?)

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    Your translation is correct and, yes, Latin adjectives can be used as nouns in many cases.

    "Reds must be destroyed" = rubri delendi sunt.

    "The red" as in the concept of red/that which is red would be neuter rather than masculine: rubrum delendum est.
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  3. EuropeanChineseGuy New Member

    Thank you very much! I don't need to change it for masculine plural form even "The red" represents a group of (male) members, right? :)

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