1. PatrickStar New Member

    Hallo everybody,

    I'm not a native speaker but I'll try my best: I want to know what the latin translation of the phrase "dark passenger" is.

    For those who do not know Dexter: The dark passenger refers to the psychopathic, the darkness in a persons soul. It describes the demons a person feels inside.
  2. Literal translation- viator tenebrosus.
  3. scrabulista Consul

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    Does tenebrosus carry the meaning of "dark" as in "psychopathic" (perhaps mildly so)?

    If you like the story of Jesus casting out demons, there's:
    viator habens daemonia (adapted from Matthew 8:28), or
    viator in spiritu inmundo (adapted from Mark 5:2)

    viator immundus could possibly work.
  4. Perhaps...but wouldn't it be better to try to find a word for "darkness" that does carry the meaning of "evil"?
  5. scrabulista Consul

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    Mark 5:2 led me to immundus
    then these entries in Diogenes:
    immundus (inm-), a,um, adj.inmundus,
    unclean, impure, dirty, filthy, foul (syn.: spurcus, obscenus, impurus).
    spurcus, a, um, adj. cf. spargo,
    dirty, unclean, impure (class.; syn.: immundus, impurus, obscenus).
    Trop., of character or condition, foul, base, low, mean, common:
    obscēnus (obscaen-, and less properly obscoen-), a, um, adj. perh. ob and caenum, filth, of adverse, unfavorable, evil omen; ill-boding, inauspicious, ominous, portentous
    Transf., repulsive, offensive, abominable, hateful, disgusting, filthy.
    impūrus (inp-), a, um, adj. 2. inpurus,
    unclean, filthy, foul (cf.: obscenus, spurcus, immundus).
    Lit. (very rare): impurae matris prolapsus ab alvo, Ov. Ib. 223.—
    Trop., unclean (in a moral sense), impure, defiled, filthy, infamous, abandoned, vile.
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  6. Laurentius Weebus Maximus

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    I don't think viator is the word we are looking for here.
  7. What are you thinking instead?
  8. Laurentius Weebus Maximus

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    Only vector comes to mind, but it's very ambiguous with the vehicle's driver.
  9. Hmm. What do you feel about viator that's off?
  10. Laurentius Weebus Maximus

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    Like, everything imho, why do you think it's fine? Actually I read vector can be "bearer, carrier" too apart from a passenger, which I thought that was to mean the driver in English but I am not sure now, I thinjk it's just someone bearing sonething.
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  11. :doh: UGH.
    I don't know why I said that. It should be vector.
  12. PatrickStar New Member

    Please don't take this post as me thinking the discussion is over an everything is said. I just want to express how grateful and stunned I am. This community is truely special. I did not expect to get a detailed discussion in such a short period of time. You guys are cool! Thank you! I will keep reading what you guy have to offer!

  13. No problem. :)
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  14. Adrian Civis Illustris

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    PatrickStar provided us with explanation regarding context i.e. dark passanger refers to
    I am not sure if viator (traveller) or especially vector fit the context provided by OP.
    I was thinking about noun comes (companion, esp. in journey - See CCELD) like comes scelestus (wicked journey-companion)
    or more related to what OP described: scelus quod intus latet - the wickedness that dwells inside
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  15. PatrickStar New Member

    Based on the information you guys provided and me looking words up in a dictionary so far I like vector immundus best (is it grammatically correct like that?). I like vector more than comes, since the dark passenger isn't ment as a companion one chooses to take with on a jurney. I'ts more like a dark alter ego one can't seem to shake off. For this reason I'd like a translation that reflects a person. However, I have to admit that scelus quod intus latet seems to be the best translation of what the dark passenger is all about.

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