1. Is this correct, Eo ad bibliotecham legendo libros. What about this? Eo ad bibliotecham legendo librorum.
  2. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    No, you wouldn't use the dative in this case; you'd use ad + acc., ad legendos libros. Your second version is even worse because a gerund can't be modified by a genitive. You can read the first section here (1. GERUND AND GERUNDIVE) to learn the basics of how gerunds and gerundives work.

    Note that you could also use a supine (libros lectum) or an ut clause (ut libros legam).

    Come back to us if you've got any more questions.
  3. Iáson Cívis Illústris

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    And (by the by) note that the word is bibliothēcam, not bibliotēcham.
  4. Hemo Rusticus One Slick Hombre

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    Feh, you Hellenists think you're so hot. Well, ay gaht nooze foah yuhz: Sanscrit has 1 for every plosive, surd & sonant. Howdya like them apples?

    Iocum modo facio, sodalis.
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  5. Wut?

    Just trying to grasp my gerunds.
  6. Hemo Rusticus One Slick Hombre

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    Sorry, amigo. Was replying to Jason.

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