de rebus bellicis II

By Trevor John, in 'Latin to English Translation', Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Trevor John New Member

    Hello, I'm finding this text really difficult. This is the second sentence of the praefatio, which, to be honest, is less baffling to me than the third.

    Unde pro ingenii facultate unum capitulum de largitionum utilitate in hoc libello composui, non quod istud tam immensae utilitati sufficiat, sed ut ex hoc mediocritatis meae documento praemisso in reliquis utilitatis possit fides ostendi.

    Whence, according to the resources of my mind I have in this little book composed a chapter treating with the usefulness of <state?> handouts, not because this chapter <subject?> may suffice for so extensive a subject, but that from this preliminary example of my moderation <cautious treatment of the subject?> confidence may be <able to be> extended to the rest of my suggestions.

    Does that sound about right to anyone? Thanks for your time.
  2. carlo.carpanelli New Member

    I think your translation is okay; largitionum can certainly be translated as state handouts, the subject of sufficiat is the chapter but mediocritas should mean mediocrity in this context, as if the author said: My efforts cannot be completely successful because the subject I undertake is above my strength, but anyway they will have the merit to stimulate someone of greater skills to face this matter
  3. Trevor John New Member

    Many thanks Carlo.

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