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    Hello again!
    I was given a list of vocab to memorize for my class for future reference (test, quiz, reading...). They give me the words to learn, but not the meanings, just a suggestion to look it up in a latin dictionary. I figured out most of them, but when i entered these nothing would come up:
    I realize my problem is probably not entering it in the correct form recognized in the dictionary, but i couldn't figure out what form to enter it in. Translations would be great, or even suggestions on the form to look under.
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    By "entering", are you using an on-line or computer-based dictionary such as WORDS? If so, enter only the portion of the word before the first comma in each case.

    If you are using a standard dictionary, most of these should be there (again, look for et rather than et,conj.; I think you'll find it more easily). However the three adjectives you list will be found under their masculine forms meus, multus, and tuus (the entries may be written more fully as, e.g., meus, -a, -um).

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