News (Ancient) Excavation of Rome home shows city bigger than thought

By Bestiola, in 'Latin Culture', Sep 20, 2015.

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  2. Pollux New Member

    Does somebody know how far the city did extend in terms of space?

    I noticed that the Aurelian walls enclose an area of 14 km². If we take the established figure of one million inhabitants at the city's peak, that means 70,000 people lived on each square kilometre on average. No modern city is that dense and then you'll have to take into account that ancient Rome didn't have skycrapers and such. Surely there was build-up area outside of the walls or the space they enclosed later, since they didn't exist during the height of the Empire (they were build in the late 3rd century after the Imperial Crisis)? What about Mons Vaticanus and such?
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    Most of ancient Rome (the city) lived outside of the Aurelian Walls.

    See here:
  4. Pollux New Member

    Does somebody have good maps of the city?

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