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By Pixie, in 'Latin Culture', Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Bestiola Praetor

    Face to face from the past - meet Myrtis, the celebrated reconstruction of a 5th century BC young Athenian whose remains were unearthed during excavations back in the 1990s.
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  2. Akela viam inveniam

    Before reading the quote, I thought she was a sculpture not a facial reconstruction - stared at her for a bit not understanding why she looks as realistic as 6th century AD Roman images. :eek:

    I am wondering about her cheeks. though. They look almost chubby... If she died from the plague, would she have really looked like that?

    Or am I just reading too much into it?
  3. Bestiola Praetor

    Hmmm well perhaps they reconstructed her in what they thought she might look like in the best of health?
  4. Manus Correctrix QVAE CORRIGIT

    Those look more like jutting cheekbones.

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