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    Nevermind. Kept searching forum and found a post. Sorry about that.

    I am new to the group. I've been following the forum for a bit and have been super impressed with the wealth of knowledge of your members.

    Anyways, recently had a big life scare and am planning to get a tattoo to serve as a reminder. I looked through the family and friendship phrases and saw some answers that I think would work but really wanted to be sure so here I am.

    I am planning on Dum vivimus, vivamos. Familia supra omnia. I understand it to mean "While we live, let us live. Family above all." but want to be sure. This is what Google returns on a search but have read about familia not being an accurate translation of family.

    In addition to the translation, not sure about punctuation. Should I capitalize the first word in sentence, use commas/periods?

    Thanks for your time.
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