1. veritas aequitas New Member


    looking to get a couple of tattoos in latin and want to make sure i have the spelling and translation correct. thanks in advance :)

    the one in the subject line i have down as "trust, but take care whom."
    is that correct? also is the comma correct? for some reason i thought latin didn't use punctuation.

    my second one is "vis inertiae" which is down as "the power of inactivity" or if taken to mean inertia then "the power of inertia."

    and the third one is "quod periit, periit" which is down as "what is gone, is gone."
    also windering about the comma in this one too?

    thanks :)
  2. Issacus Divus Well-Known Member

    All of them are good!
  3. Pacifica grammaticissima

    • Civis Illustris
    Yes, they're all correct.

    As for punctuation, it didn't exist in Roman times, or at least not anything as refined as our system. In later centuries, though, punctuation has been applied to Latin.
  4. Issacus Divus Well-Known Member


    Yea, all of that stuff is hard to read on those them there ancient inscriptions.

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