First, do no harm

By Anonymous, in 'Latin Phrases', Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    Ok, the old phrase Primum non nocere, often attributed to Hippocrates, means, "First, do no harm."

    I am in a gaming clan, and as part of that, it's traditional to put together a graphic SIG and perhaps a little quote to go with it. Here is my SIG:


    I'd like to add to it, "First, do some harm." in Latin.

    I was going to go with, "Primus nonnullus nocere", but a translation engine gave me,"Primoris, operor nunnullus nocere." I rather like the primoris over primus, but aesthetics should not really count. I'm SURE those engines get sentence structure & tenses wrong, among other things. And so here I am, chronologically a full-grown man, wasting time playing games with other full-grown men & women, making silly pics for my avatar, and registering at a Latin forum to ask other full-grown people to put their education to a very silly use.


    Thanks for your help.
  2. Sa Seba Consularis

    • Consularis
    Haha, don't be so sure about that!
    what game is it?

    |MAD|Sa Seba - teh enemy territory l33tn3s !!1! :p :roll: 8)

    I am sure someone here will help you soon!
  3. Anonymous Guest

    Primarily Battlefield 2, with some Unreal Tournament 2004 thrown in. I used to play a lot of Day of Defeat, but the community went to hell after the Source version debuted - just chaos and obnoxious ppl ruining the fun for the ppl who wanted to game.

    I tried ET, had issues with it I can't recall, maybe lag. . .maybe I should try it again with the new fiber-optic connection I have.

    Just so I don't stray too far from the topic at hand. . . Cognito, ergo sum. . .though my high school teachers would have debated the cognito part ;)

  4. Akela dat affluenter

    • Princeps Senatus
    Primum means 'above all' or 'in the first place'. Primoris - 'first, foremost, extreme'
    I think primum is more fitting here, but you can replace primum with primoris if you'd like.
    Anyway, I'd make it: primum aliquanto nocere

    Good idea, btw :hugegrin:
  5. Anonymous Guest

    "Primum aliquanto nocere" it is! Thank you for your help. Much appreciated. :kisscheek:

    If you should have a sudden desire to play Battlefield 2 or to learn to speak "L33t", I would be happy to return the favor. \:D/

  6. Akela dat affluenter

    • Princeps Senatus
    Is this for me? O:)

    I was never able to speak l33t, so I might take you up on this in the future :)
  7. Sa Seba Consularis

    • Consularis
    just look over my shoulder sometimes, akela!
    there will be lots of l33t sp34k on my screen ;)

    (not that I use it. all the noobs do though!)

    just kidding! ;)

    I might give ut2004 a try soon.

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