Forever in my heart

By Myangel, in 'English to Latin Translation', Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Myangel New Member

    I lost a loved one (female) and would like to get a tattoo for her.
    The phrase I want is 'forever in my heart'.
    Used some kind of online translation machine which gave me ''in cor meum aeternum".
    Sounds great to my ear but I don't know any latin so i realize it's probably wrong :)
  2. What do you people think about Perpetuo corde meo?
  3. Tacitus Arctous Active Member

    Finnia, Helsinki
    Perpetuo in corde (meo)

    Hm maybe that usage of omitting the preposition can be poetic here.
  4. Myangel New Member

    Thank you! I think I'll use perpetuo in corde meo.

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