1. JamieM New Member

    forever, no end, everlastingly, continually......

    Hello I am looking to transate something along those lines into latin. I'm male and I was wanting to get it done as a tattoo.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Numarius Active Member

    PA, USA
    There are some words.

    Perpetuo, this means "constantly, without interruption, forever".

    aeternaliter, this one only means "forever".

    There may be more words, so wait for other people to give more.
  3. Pacifica grammaticissima

    • Civis Illustris

    Forever: you can say (in) perpetuum or in aeternum (all the time, eternally,"for eternity", forever...). Also perpetuo, sempiterne = perpetually, continually... Sine fine = without end...
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  4. JamieM New Member

    I like the look of 'aeternaliter' - would there be anything incorrect about that meaning 'forever' and a male having that on their body?
  5. Numarius Active Member

    PA, USA
    Aeternaliter doesn't appear in my papar dictionary, I found that in my other dictionary. Some quick searching on the Lewis & Short (http://www.latin-dictionary.net/definition/2099/aeternaliter)says that it is a late classical period word. The ending -ter is an adverbial ending. However, paper dictionary shows that both aeterno and aeternum are also adverbs that mean the same thing. Aeternaliter seems to be needless to me. You can use either aeternum and aeterno to mean the same thing and it is less letters. But if you want to use aeternaliter then I think it should be good.

    Adverbs don't express gender, so those words are fine for any gender.

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