Free online Wheelock's beginners' class starting in April

By Dominica, in 'Latin Language Resources', Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Dominica New Member

    The Latinstudy mailing list is primarily a place where people who already know Latin get together in small reading groups to read and translate their favorite classical authors together. But we also offer beginners' groups. We have offered at least one free online Latin class every year since 1996.

    Our annual spring beginners' class will be launching some time next month (i.e., in April 2018), and we'll be using Wheelock's 7th Edition and LaFleur's supplemental text, Scribblers, Sculptors and Scribes. Assignments will be due once a week, and the class will run for three years. Over the years we have found that while full-time college students can complete Wheelock's in a year, busy adults do better at a slower pace.

    The class is absolutely free. You'll need to acquire copies of the textbooks (not from us) as we aren't into copyright infringement. But your local library may have them, and there is no charge to join LatinStudy or to take part in the group.

    If you would like to join us, please go to our website Quasillum (, to read more about the LatinStudy list. You'll find a subscription page there for the mailing list, in the left sidebar.
    Join the list, and then inquire onlist about the spring Wheelock's group.

    Those are the basics; the fine print continues below:

    LatinStudy classes are absolutely free. You'll never be asked for a fee or even a donation. That said, to a certain extent you get what you pay for. This is not a traditional class, and you will not receive the sort of one-on-one tutoring you would get from a paid tutor. Instead, it works by what we call "collaborative self-study." Each week, the teacher gives the class an assignment, and everyone e-mails their work to him or her by the deadline. The teacher then collates the students' work and makes an omnibus post ("the collation") with everyone's answers. The collation is then posted to the LatinStudy list, and students are expected to check their work by seeing what their classmates have done. The teacher will read over the collation to make sure that none of the collated answers are misleading, and give guidance if a majority or strong minority have the same wrong answer. He or she will also answer students' questions, publicly (as part of the collation) or privately; the entire LatinStudy list will also help answer our beginners' questions if asked.

    This method is strange at first, and different from most classes, but it can and does work for those who'll give it a chance. If you're a beginner, or a prospective beginner, I hope you'll join us. And if you're *not* a beginner, you'll be welcome in any of our more advanced groups, whether beginners' classes in their second or third year, or reading groups. Hope to see you there!
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  2. Shay H. New Member

    Has this group started yet?
  3. Dominica New Member

    No; I'm expecting to post the first assignment either on April 18th (to be due on the 24th) or on April 25th (to be due on May 1st) depending on how quickly people tell me that they've gotten their books.
    You'd be most welcome to join us.
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  4. Dominica New Member

    I've shortened the course length a bit since I posted this, though. We'll be covering Wheelock's in a bit over two years, rather than three, and we'll be skipping some of the less-authentic reading material in Wheelock's in favor of the genuine, unabridged Latin of Scribblers, Sculptors and Scribes. Dr. Wheelock had a habit of abridging and editing more advanced Latin works to suit the skills of his students.
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  5. Shay H. New Member

    Awesome, thank you for this!

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