1. As far as I’m aware
    Discitus sum legendo librorum
    Is incorrect because a genitive can’t modify a gerund.
    What is the correct way?
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    Discitus sum is incorrect too. What were you trying to say? Something like "I have learned by (the) reading (of) books" or "I am learned in (the) reading (of) books"?

    As far as the gerund construction is concerned, if you wish to say "by reading books", then it's either libros legendo (with the gerund legendo taking a direct object libros) or libris legendis (using a gerundive construction, which is very common instead of gerund + direct object).

    For a more detailed explanation, you can read section 1. GERUND AND GERUNDIVE here or look up gerunds and gerundives in whatever grammar (physical or online) you've got access to. If you've still got questions after that, you can come back to us.
  3. Sorry, I meant doctus sum

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