1. rh1953 New Member

    Website name idea
  2. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius


    Please wait for others to reply first
  3. Imprecator Civis Illustris

    That would mean "luckily". Bona fortuna (tibi) = good luck (to you).
  4. rh1953 New Member

    would Bona Fortuna also be "good luck" as in "I have had good luck"
  5. Nikolaos schmikolaos

    Yes, it would.

    Concerning "feliciter" - I misplaced my dictionary, but I am pretty sure that it offered "feliciter" for "good luck". It may be a shortening of something like "i feliciter".

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  6. Decimus Canus Civis Illustris

    In this case you have to change the word endings. It would be bonam fortunam habui if you mean you had good luck at one particular time or bonam fortunam habebam if it was repeated good luck or lasted for a long time.
  7. Imber Ranae Ranunculus Iracundus

    Feliciter! is correct as an exclamation for "good luck!", e.g. from the Satyricon: Plausum post hoc automatum familia dedit et “Gaio feliciter” conclamavit.
  8. Imber Ranae Ranunculus Iracundus

    "Good luck" does not mean "I have had good luck" even in English. Instead of more pointless vagueness, why don't you just tell us exactly what you want translated?

    It's short for something like sit [dative] feliciter "may it be auspicious for [someone]".

    That's annoying. [/cranky]
  9. Nikolaos schmikolaos

    Oh, you cranky frogstorm :p

    I have that signature set as an excuse for short posts and auto-correct induced typos. I did at least remove the "from my iPod Touch" part, give me that.

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