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Google translate will ensure you fail in Latin

By Iohannes Aurum, in 'English to Latin Translation', Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

    • Technicus Auxiliarius
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  2. voxlarsi New Member

    Guess this means less "of", "the", "God" etc in the middle of latin tattoos... But I suspect that people who formerly would ditch the intertran might rely more on Google, simply because it's Google; thus increasing the amount of misspells. Nevertheless, this will be an enormous improvment from intertran.
    OK, just for the heck of it I ran the maxim cum ames non sapias aut cum sapias non ames.
    It came back: "If you love you with not wise and is not a particle of sense, or when you love you are."
    This looks promising :roll: Although, they did warn about the subjunctive, I just thought such a quote might be implemented in the translations or something.
  3. Nikolaos schmikolaos

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  4. Bestiola Speculatrix

    • Praetor
    • Praeco
    It is interesting to observe what Google translator does even to translations to English.

    Translation of OP's post to Latin:

    The same post back to English:

    "doth"? As far as I know, use of "doth" has been in decline since 17th century and finally ran out of use a few centuries ago.

    Not to mention what it does to any declined language - all translations I saw to Croatian were literally incomprehensible.
  5. Cinefactus Censor

    • Censor
    litore aureo
    "We know that our grasp of the ablative absolute or use of the subjunctive may occasionally be off"
    Well how about something really difficult:

    the girls love the farmer: amore puellae agricolae
    the girls see the farmer: Puellae agricolae
    the girls talk to the farmer: puellae agricolae loqui
    the girls talk to the farmer in the fields: puellae agricolae sermones in agris

    "Google said the service would be useful for the more than 100,000 American students who take the National Latin Exam every year."

    Useful to distinguish those who studied the language from those who cheated ;)
  6. Cinefactus Censor

    • Censor
    litore aureo
    Not just declined languages. The Chinese translations are odd.
    Interestingly, if you type:
    你想分手嗎 it gets the right translation: "Do you want to break up"
    If you add a question mark, it changes to "Do you want to break it"

    Still an improvement from Intertran!
  7. Bestiola Speculatrix

    • Praetor
    • Praeco
    Back to English:

    amore puellae agricolae:love 's farmers
    puellae agricolae:the girls are the farmers
    puellae agricolae loqui:girl 's farmers to speak
    puellae agricolae sermones in agris:girl 's the words of the farmers in the fields

    Back to Latin:

    love 's farmers:amor agricolae
    the girls are the farmers:puellae agricolae
    girl 's farmers to speak:puellae agricolae loqui
    girl 's the words of the farmers in the fields:puellae verba agricolae in agris

  8. Nikolaos schmikolaos

    • Censor
    I used to trust Google Translate as far as I could throw it (which was a fair distance, since I usually ran it on my iPod). It now has lost that last bit of respect from me.
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  9. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

    • Technicus Auxiliarius
    Well, if you used the Latin translation, there is a note that it is in the alpha stage, so glaring errors are common.
  10. scrabulista Consul

    • Consul
    Hmm....Time was that the alpha test was internal to the company and the beta test was to the customers.
  11. Cinefactus Censor

    • Censor
    litore aureo
    To temper my criticism, I think that we should give credit to the programmers who work on this kind of task. A program which could translate to the level of a native speaker would be fantastic, and it will never happen unless we go through the intermediate steps first... OTOH, I think that Google was way too optimistic in their descriptions of its ability
  12. Cinefactus Censor

    • Censor
    litore aureo
    Oh no... I couldn't help myself

    The girls walk into the forum: INTRO puellas forum
    the girls are walking into the forum: Puellae in forum ambulat
    the girls are walking in the forum: Puellae in forum ambulat

    Grammar is just good enough to ensure that all the students who used it will fail for incompetence rather than for plagiarism ;)
  13. voxlarsi New Member

    Maybe they implemented a homework-block on the translator, so that all sentences seemingly taken from a textbook will be run through intertran instead? When I ran some parts of commentarii de bello Gallico, most of it was at least understandable. :p
  14. Decimvs Aedilis

    • Aedilis
    I agree. I messed with it a bit this morning...it is pretty bad. :brickwall2:
  15. Akela dat affluenter

    • Princeps Senatus
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  16. metrodorus Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    The google Latin translation engine cannot translate Latin - what it can do, is search for texts in its database, that are Classical texts that already have translations, and give you the translation in its database for that fragment of text.
    Anything in what some Latin teachers are fond of calling 'inauthentic Latin' i.e. not penned by a Roman him or herself, is regarded by Google as not being Latin at all.
    The engine cannot translate even the most basic sentences, if they are not already in the established corpus of texts.
  17. Nikolaos schmikolaos

    • Censor
    That's what I determined after entering some of Caesar... Rather than a translator, it's a searchable database. In that respect, it may be somewhat useful... but not much.

    However, that makes translation to Latin a complete fraud.
  18. Nikolaos schmikolaos

    • Censor
    I decided to give this a chance with an incredibly simple phrase:

    Agricola filiam amat.

    The daughter of Agricola, he is loving.

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  19. Decimvs Aedilis

    • Aedilis
    Caesar suos hortatus hostes interfecit. : Caesar, having encouraged his men the enemy killed him.

    Cicero in foro ambulans pecuniam suam amisit. : Cicero, in the forum, walking, he lost his money. (a little bit better)

    It is no so horrible that I want to swallow a knife, but, still bad.
  20. Nikolaos schmikolaos

    • Censor
    I decided to check Google's progress... most of the phrases that I checked gave the exact same translations, but some are different. Here is John's post translated and back-translated:

    There are ill and the gospel's message of Google Translate... :applause:

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