Grim reaper; death bringer; corrupter

By Anonymous, in 'Latin Death Phrases', Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    Dont know if there is a word for the "grim reaper" as in english but id like that translated.
    also the following
    "death bringer"
    "bringer of death" (in case there is a difference)
    "Corrupter"/"the corrupter"

    Thx in advance and my appologies for any misspelling :)
  2. Imber Ranae Ranunculus Iracundus

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    Re: Translation needed please :)

    "death bringer" / "bringer of death" = mortifer (masculine), mortifera (feminine)
    "corrupter" = corruptor (masc.), corruptrix (fem.)
    "executioner" = carnifex

    Grim Reaper literally translated would be Saevus Messor, but the Romans never used this as a name for Death.
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  3. Anonymous Guest

    Death bringer

    Thx alot, exactly what i needed :)

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