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By Mafalda, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Mafalda Civis Illustris

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    Is there a Latin word which would combine the meaning of greed (gluttonous or of gain), and unwillingness to share something with others? I need an adjective. Do you think avarus will do?
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  2. Bitmap Civis Illustris

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    Cygnea, Gena

    That was the first word that came to my mind.
  3. Laurentius Weebus Maximus

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    Maybe avidus too.
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  4. Cinefactus Censor

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    litore aureo
  5. AoM nulli numeri

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    B. In partic., holding fast to wealth, power, etc., griping, sparing, niggardly, stingy, tenacious
  6. Mafalda Civis Illustris

    • Civis Illustris
    Thank you all for your kind help!
    What I am looking for is something like this:
    1) Winnie-the-Pooh has eaten all the honey.
    2) Winnie will not share the honey with Piglet.
    If greedy bastard can be used to describe both of these cases, what Latin adjective can do the same job? Does avarus convey the same two meanings? Can Quam avarus est! be applied to both of the situations? I am only sure about the second one.

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