How can I avoid being placed in Latin I moving on to secondary school?

By AVGVSTA, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Salvete omnes
    I was wondering if anyone had some experience with American secondary school Latin placement stuff. I am a ninth-grader attending a junior boarding high planning to repeat ninth grade at an actual secondary school. I am currently in "Ninth Grade Latin", and we're reading the Aeneid. (So far, We read, translated, analysed, scanned, and schematized Book 1 lines 1-147, Book 2 lines 199-227, Book 4 lines 1-30 and lines 589-629, and Book 12 lines 887-950). Several friends of mine who graduated/applied out last year had horrid experiences with their placement, being put all the way back to level one of their respective(modern) languages. I know Latin is different from modern languages, but I fear that I'll be back to chanting "bam bas bat bamus batis bant" after three years of Latin. I really want to read as much Latin as possible in high school because I doubt my parents would let me pursue a Classics-related major. The next four years are essentially my last focused years with the language and I don't want to waste away learning grammar I already know. I am sorry that this is such a long post, but I just want to know how secondary school placement systems work for Latin to quench the fear a bit. Is there any way I can avoid being placed in Latin I in high school?
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    It depends on the school. There may be a way to test out of 9th grade Latin, or not. I guess you are new to the school, so you don't have a guidance counselor or anything like that. Maybe just call the school, ask to talk to a guidance counselor or maybe the department chairman.
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    Yeah, guidance counselor or talk with the Latin teacher directly.

    When I was in Latin III, the teacher noticed me and another student doing really well so he bumped us up to Latin IV (though looking back, I kind of wish he hadn't).

    But if you're already able to read Virgil, you should have no issues here.
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    I can't say for sure, because I go to a school that starts in 7th grade and goes all the way to 12th grade (with 7th grade being Latin 1, 8th being Latin 2, and so on up until Latin 4 in 10th grade). If worst comes to worst and you do get placed back in Latin 1, you can always keep reading on your own and with the help of this forum, but hopefully that doesn't happen to you.
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  5. Thank you so much for the advice!

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