How to study Latin?

By henrikhank, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Apr 26, 2019.

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    How much theory/grammar do I really need when studying Latin?
    I stopped studying Latin when I realised I was forced to studying grammar like a grammar nerd. Some theory is needed but not too much like the amount need to take a course in Latin.
    What amount of grammar is enough?
    I really like the videos by Evan Millner since I am not a grammar nerd.
    How much time should be spent learning Latin per day if you are a beginner?
    How deep understanding is needed before I can say that I understand a text?
    If I for examaple take the Credo I could read and that I ubderstand it without having a very deep understanding of its grammar. If I would play it on an organ (I mean the tune called Credo III) I could just learn the basic practical theory of church modes and accompaniment and it would suffice. With Latin we are forced to have deep theoretical understanding. Whay do I need?
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    I know what you mean, but alas, grammar is really the key to this.
    Latin being so inflected, you really should understand the grammatical functions. Are you expecting to just learn vocabulary and two cases or something?

    Of course, some things are easier because some things are written in simpler ways. On top of this, Ecclesiastical Latin (if you choose it) simplifies the grammatical functions.

    Because with your understanding and methods,
    Vir bonus es is readable, but to others that know grammar, it's easy;

    Nomina declinare et verba in primis pueri sciant, neque enim aliter pervenire ad intellectum sequentium possunt is impossible for you, but for those who understand the grammar, it's readable.
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    It depends on how you learn best. I find learning grammar rules by themselves very difficult, it is much easier to pick it up by hearing and speaking a sentence using the rules over and over.
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    Longum iter per praecepta, breve et efficax per exempla. ;)
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