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By lizy, in 'Latin Beginners', May 1, 2012.

  1. lizy New Member

    a"MosaerataRomanisahosaconsulere,acumaresapublicaainamagnoapericuloaerat.aSedamulieremaposteaanemoavidit." Im currently trying to translate this sentence to portugese but since I can't get my hands on a dictionary I'm feeling quite lost and my only hope is to you guys :) Although I know most words I just can't, how much I even try, to get it together and make sense as a sentence and not individual words. The last sentence is easy though - "But thereafter, no one saw the wife" or something along that line :p. would be so happy if someone would take their time to help me :p. Thank you in advance.
  2. Nikolaos schmikolaos

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    I take it that you are worried about your instructor finding this? My head spun for a little bit trying to figure out why you put invisible As between every word, until I realized that it simply hides the phrase from Google.

    The Internet itself serves as one giant dictionary. Add this resource to your favorites.

    Mos, moris is a custom or habit. Consulo, consulere, consului, consultum is "to consult". Res publica - "the republic". Periculum - danger.
  3. Manus Correctrix QVAE CORRIGIT

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    I disapprove, so:

    I note however, that this thread is already on Google, and the search engine these days jumps over extraneous letters without trouble.

    Buy a Latin-Portuguese dictionary, and use the internet in the mean time.

    If the simple grammar of this sentence is beyond you, go back and revise the earlier units in your textbook.
  4. lizy New Member

    thanks and yes Nikolaos I am. That website looks cool I should probably be fine with it, I was using google translate before, word by word but I guess you already know how that works.
  5. lizy New Member

    Nictans that wasn't the problem :) It was more of a problem getting together the sentence with 5 different translations for each word and I simply couldn't do it :p
  6. Iohannes Aurum Technicus Auxiliarius

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    The closest to a Latin-Portuguese dictionary online is Wiktionary (en.wiktionary.org (English version; has Portuguese and Latin words as well); pt.wiktionary.org (Portuguese version)).
  7. Cinefactus Censor

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    litore aureo
    The primary meaning of mulier is woman rather than wife, but what is the problem you are having with the first sentence?
  8. Cambrinus Civis Illustris

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    Os romanos estavam acostumados a consultar esses [livros], em tempos de grande perigo da república, mas ninguém viu a mulher depois.

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