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By lux, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Dec 17, 2008.

  1. lux New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some idea/suggestions for a name to give to a language school (teaching spanish and english). We are considering something in latin but honestly I know less than google tells me about latin.

    I would be curious what people come up with. I'll thank you in advance and just request that it be kept short please.
  2. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

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    It would be nice if you came up with something in English, since I really have no idea what you would like to have, then we shall attempt a translation.
  3. lux New Member

    That is fare...

    What I'm looking for is something that means:

    to learn, to grow, to educate, horizon, path, summit, to inpart knowledge, teacher, language, to speak.

    Those are the ideas, I'm not looking for a direct translation, simply an interesting name that is more than random letter and sounds good.

    Well I do thank the people who have taken the time to read and thanks Mattheus for responding.

  4. Bitmap Civis Illustris

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    Cygnea, Gena
    If you only teach English and Spanish ... why give it a Latin name???
  5. lux New Member

    Both languages come from Latin and if we pick one language or the other then it's a bit strange... so going back to the mother language makes sense I suppose.
  6. scrabulista Consul

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    English is actually a Germanic language -- although many of its upper class words come from Latin, its conversational words are Germanic.

    schola - school
    academia - academy
    gymnasium - can be sports center but also secondary school
    - it's related to the Greek word for "naked" so that might be a bad choice.

    Hmm...I wouldn't use a Latin name unless I were offering Latin at the school (other subjects, including English and Spanish, would be all right though).
    Let me get this clear -- it's only English and Spanish at your school? No math, science, etc.?
  7. lux New Member

    That is correct, we will only be offering Spanish and English language classes.

    It's quite interesting to learn things about my own language. Still looking for ideas.
  8. scrabulista Consul

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    You're right -- you want something short.

    I used to live in New Orleans, and there were a number of schools named "ecole." (French word for school).

    Ecole classique
    Bonne ecole
    I see there is an Ecole bilingue, established after I left.

    Hmm...if you called it schola linguarum, and especially if you called it schola duarum linguarum, I really would expect Latin to be taught.

    Schola lucis? [School of Light? The nominative of lucis is lux.]
  9. lux New Member

    Thanks scrabblehack.

    I am a person who has always loved words... I love the precision words can convey with layers of complexity and meaning, evoking feelings, ideas and thoughts.

    I guess my pentaltimate name would convey paragraphs with a single word.

    For example Vanguard investment company. What are they saying by calling themselves Vanguard?

    A ship, a journey, a future destination, boldly investigating a new world. Something that can weather the storms and still keep it's cargo safe... Quite an interesting word picture for an investment company.

    More than anything, this is a mental exercise and I thank those who have invested in reading and communicating with me in this thread!
  10. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

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    I have a few suggestions, not for a name, but for a motto.

    Duc in altum (Lead us into depths [of knowledge])
    Docendo discimus (We learn by teaching -- actually from Seneca the Younger) and if I should keep going with Seneca, here's a famous one:
    Non vitae, sed scholae discimus (We learn not for the school, but for life)
    Scientia crescat, vita excolatur (Let knowledge grow, let life be enriched -- I believe this one to be taken somewhere, though)
    Crescamus et scientia et virtute (Let us grow in both knowledge and virtue -- I made that up)

    If anything else pops up I'll post it.

    the edit: I had to change an egregious error in the last phrase.
  11. scrabulista Consul

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  12. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

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    Oops, I guess I'm one of those ignoramuses who twisted the famous Senecan quote. :oops:

    (Non vitae, sed scholae, discimus)

    Although yes, by all means, it should be the other way around, right?
  13. scrabulista Consul

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    Actually it looks like you got the Seneca quote correct, although it might be a bit too sardonic from the school administration's perspective.
  14. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

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    Yes, but if we twisted it around, did a variation on it (non scholae, sed vitae discimus, then it wouldn't be that sardonic. I think Seneca was pointing out how things actually were, rather than how they should be, i.e. knowledge and wisdom should be applied in daily life, and not simply to please the teacher/school.
  15. scrabulista Consul

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    How about something like:

    Schola Novi Mundi (School of the New World)...the two most dominant languages in the Americas are Spanish and English...
  16. Nigellus Summanus New Member

    Small Town America
    Since the school is both Spanish and English, why not call it: Schola Hispanica (The Spanish School).

    Just a thought,

    Nigellus Summanus

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