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    I have come across in the work Daemonomania Pistoriana the word "Iebusita," and if anyone can confirm its meaning I would appreciate it. My best guess at this point is that it is a first-declension, yet masculine, noun, of the "poeta" and "nauta" sort, meaning "Jesuit." The two sections containing the word are these:

    "Unde scurra ille Ratisponensis, Conradus Vetterus Iebusita..." meaning basically, "Whence that joker from Ratisbon, the Jesuit Conrad Vetter..."

    And "Hunc sibi ducem et antesignanum ipsi Iebusitae, eruditionis alioquin singularis opinione turgidi, constituunt," meaning basically, "The pompous Jesuits stationed this leader and standard-bearer for themselves, in general by a reputation of extraordinary erudition."

    Thank you all for everything
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    I should rather assume it meant Jebusite, although why that particular tribe should be singled out to be an insult escapes me.

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