Inspirational In paradisum deducant te Angeli

By Steve Walker, in 'Latin to English Translation', Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Steve Walker New Member

    Would someone be kind enough to translate these song lyrics from Libera (In Paradisum from their recent "Beyond" album):

    In paradisum deducant te Angeli
    In tuo adventu suscipiant te martyres
    et perducant te in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem

    Chorus angelorum te suscipiat et cum Lazaro quondam paupere
    aeternam habeas requiem
    In paradisum

  2. Callaina Feles Curiosissima

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    From Wikipedia (and which I can confirm is correct):

  3. Steve Walker New Member

    Thank you! Didn't think to look there although I would have assumed in might have been a Google Translate if I had. Good to know it is accurate.
  4. Pacifica grammaticissima

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    If a translation from Latin of more than a very few words makes sense, it most probably doesn't come from Google Translate. Google Translate translations from Latin (or into it, for that matter) usually don't make any sense. For example, here's how it translates your text:

    In the angels lead you
    And give thee at
    and take you to the Holy City

    And with Lazarus, once a choir of angels receive eternal rest

    (There are exceptions if you feed it a well-known phrase or passage for which it has a human translation stored in its database.)

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